Chemistry Presentations

"Enter the contest. Guess where I like to keep my defribrillator. First 5 million guesses don't count!!!"
"I just ate some silly putty.If my thumb lets-go of the chalkboard ledge, I fall right on my face!!!"
"I had to do this chemistry project.....with this guy....what's his name.... & he doesn't even have a big right ear to make him really smart!!! "
"The tall & the short of it"
"The soccer ball weighs-in at 325 kg and is kicked liberally by all those who partake in the sport!!.....only some us would have the 'soccer'-balls to say this!!!"
"Just love those chem projects that deal with making to sample!!!"
Master chemists at work.
Les girls posing for the camera!!
The crystal makers
"See how charming that modified genetically engineered food can make you....I've been modified!!"
"Why did I possibly choose to take this course....I already know the chem of can one possibly improve on the beautifully perfected...'eat your heart out' 'Ohio'!!!
"You try lighting a firecracker in a wintry snowstorm with the wind howling.....a valiant effort though!!"
"If this turkey taking the picture tries to make me smile one more time (according to girl on the left) cloning is the last thing he'll have to think about...back-off camera-boy!!"
"They think this little bottle is a sports false move from 'camera-boy'...I drop the bottle and we're all blown to smithereens....!!!"
"Anyone got a friggin' puck.....I'll show you a slapshot.....bigboy.....with my carbonated graphite laden steel toed aluminum-laced non-taped Swedish import bladed hockey stick!!!
"That oxygenated blood really's pouring through our shirts and making me walk like the hulk!!"
"How do you pronounce it again.....'deee'n A'...'d & a' .....'deeee..naaa'....'deeee uh nay'...'deoxyribonucleic!!!'.....I speak French you know!!!"
"It's the year of the know....Do like my pretty outfit?...Marks for pretty outfits,Sir or its roosters at 40 paces!!!"
Happy New's the year of the know!!!"
"I just know you're dying to see my Energizer Bunny....let's see....this is the cathode....this is the put your left foot put your right foot put your....and you shake it all do the hoky-poky..."
"Where's my cousin...I want her to try vacuuming my tonsils with her hoover mouth like she does before every class in the hallway....she's really my cousin though...
"Weren't shirts made for advertising??"