Chem-Quest Field Trip

The Montreal Science Centre

"Focused!! The 'Percentage Race' does it every time."
"The fascination of learning.....if this dweeb takes my pic one more time, it's 'LIGHTS-OUT' for shutter-boy!!!"
"A star is born..a moment in the parabolic dish.. "
"Ryan...stop saying those things...the teacher might hear you...go back to your private-school girls!!"
"In the spotlight..."
"Smiles all around...."
Praying for the correct answer!!
No one will see us writing the answers on the desk top with our twin pens....let's go for it!!!
"I'VE CONTACTED 'ET'....i swear it's him..."
"At last I'm learning about my body....or what there is of want fries with that???"
"They promised me a red lollipop if I got all the answers correct....but let's get serious....supersize me!!!"